Anonymous asked:
you remind me of me

That’s probably a bad thing

Anonymous asked:
UGH so jealous of all your andrew christian and aussiebums! :) i wish i knew you for real, we could just hang out in our underwear all day and model them all for each other ;) i have a pretty big collection too, almost as many as you have :P hahaha

Hahaha that sounds sweet



why cant i be attractive like everyone on tumblr

Anonymous asked:
So just sayin... The anon that said you don't have a nice butt is obviously blind (and that's an insult to blind people) because looks like you've got a good one :) plus don't worry about what others think, you only have to worry about what you and the other people who actually matter in your life think.

haha awr well thank you x

Anonymous asked:
It's crazy how many anons send you hate mail for posting revealing pictures. I'm sure they've sent 'scandalous' texts before, your're more comfortable. Until they have the balls to diss you with an actual profile, they shouldn't bother speaking.

awr thank you, try telling them that hahha

Anonymous asked:
OMG u ara so fucking sexy and hot... I'm from Brazil, please come here and i'll buy some underwears for u bb.... Sos

pay for my plane ticket and im there

Anonymous asked:
That underwear picture made me hard damn I wish I had that collection for myself

hahaha, i wish i was able to stop buying underwear


The sirens calling.