job interview
Anonymous asked:
Kinda to which one? Been on any dates with him?

i havent been on a date in ages sadly

Anonymous asked:
Who is your favorite musician?

i have 5 music idols, stevie wonder, freddie mercury, michael jackson, billie-joe armstrong and nichole scherzinger

ive been lucky enough to see stevie, billie-joe and nicole live, and i had tickets to see MJ in the 02 but obviously that never happened, sadly fredde had died before i was born :(

Anonymous asked:
Fave Star Wars film and why?

episode 5 because it has the best story, even though some of my favourite star wars scenes are in the other movies

Anonymous asked:
Are you currently getting on anyone? (Dates/frequent texts/about to go on a date/sexually?)

erm, kinda

Anonymous asked:
How are you losing weight/gaining muscle tone?( I want to do the same)

i play tennis 3 times a week for about 3-4 hours each time, and portion control when eating.

ideally i’d like to eat better and do toning exercises and more cardiovascular stuff but playing tennis as often as i do has injured me to the point where i struggle to do most things involving my back and arms, but its too vauluable to me losing weight for me to give it up. Just hoping that my body will eventually adjust to the pain and then i’ll be able to work out more